chic recycler + crazed collector =

chic recycler + crazed collector =
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Friday, March 12, 2010

vintage necktie pillow

necktie pillow .. recycle old neck ties!

flea finds:
1. 35 vintage silk neckties

other materials:
1. needle / thread
2. scissors
3. 14" square pillow insert
4. sewing machine
5. 15" square black cotton (for the base)
6. 15" quilter's fleece
7. 2 pieces- 8.5" X 15" velvet

1. hint - experiment to find a pleasing arrangement before you begin stitching
2. cut off points at 3.5" from the tip (35 tips required) - cut 3 pieces (4" X 5.5") from scraps to fill in the spaces for the bottom row
3. draw six lines across black base fabric
4. layer and baste fleece to wrong side
5. stitch 3 cut pieces (4" X 5.5") on the short ends, press seams to one side, sew strip at bottom line, matching raw edges.
6 start at lower left corner, arrange first row of tie points on bottom line, overlapping pieces and placing points 1/2" from bottom
7. trim excess off the side edges
8. repeat on each row, staggering points to make an interesting arrangemnet; make sure points cover base fabric and stitching
9. baste raw edges at pillow sides; hint- be careful not to get the points caught in the seam.
10. assemble pillow back - insert zipper between the velvet pieces using a 1" seam allowance and lapping the top edge over the zipper an extra 1/4"
11. place right sides together and the zipper flap pointing down; stitch together pillow back and front
12. place 14" pillow insert inside

tip: chic recycler "flea finds" are found throughout the fleatique house

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